Shri C. R. Jain Charitable Trust

"To enabe and empower everyone to fly to their best potential"

About Us

Shri C. R. Charitable Trust was established in 2005 to honor the values of late Shri Chatarmalji Ragunathji Jain who started his journey with a very humble begining  in a small village in Dadal Rajasthan in 1936 and ended his journey in Bangalore on Jan 29th 2004.

During his lifetime he enabled and empowered many lives to reach their best potentials with education and entrepreneur skills to make this world a better place to live for everyone.

He lived his life on the principles of "Ahimsa Parmo Dharam" -"Non Violence" "Live and Let Live", "Manav and Prani Seva" and showed the world the importance of strong Ethics, Integrity, and Values".

Today our Trustee are continuing those values by implementing our objectives.


Trustee of Shri C. R. Jain Charitable Trust:

Mr. Jeetmal Jain, s/o Shri C. R. Jain, Founder and Managing Trustee, Age: 55 years.


Mr. Dinesh Ranka s/o Shri Devrajji Ranka, Trustee, Age: 64 years


Mrs. Tara Devi, w/o Mr. Jeetmal Jain, Founder Trustee, Age: 52 years.


Dr. Ashok Jain, s/o Shri C. R. Jain, Managing Trustee, Age: 47years.


Mrs. Neelima Jain, w/o Dr. Ashok  Jain, Trustee, Age: 45years.


Mrs. Shanthi Devi, w/o late Shri C. R. Jain, Trustee, Age: 79years.